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Tonic Project Begnning

Student Design Exhibition

Uncover the unique identities, philosophies, and design approaches of 10 emerging spatial experience designers,


through an exhibit that playfully combines technology and craft to display their work. 


Project Brief

Welcome to exposure


The name exposure is chosen for the words two uses:

One is vulnerability and revealing what’s often hidden. The other suggests opportunity to experience more by being in the right place at the right time.

We’re here to expose our design approaches, celebrate the vulnerable process of our creations and, at the same time, we’re here to gain exposure as future designers and professionals within the industry. This is Exposure.

Concept Renderings

Form Strategy

As 10 spatial experience designers who are all very unique in style and approach, our exhibit reflects this diversity through 10 individual platforms that serve as an immersion into the world of each designer.
cardboardwalls_Ana-PaolaArtboard 1 copy.png

Through a combination of projections, digital animations, and physical representations of the designers' work, the platforms create layers of discovery for audience members to uncover elements of each designer's identity, philosophy, and design approach.

Floor Plan

intro wall

animated icons

Material Strategy + Sustainability Approach

The 10 designers are united through a system of materiality and assembly that creates a playful landscape of their diverse worlds coming together.


Our diverse group is united by a shared dedication to sustainability.


We translate this through a thoughtful system that leverages only 3 basic materials:

cardboard, string, and light.

Using only these 3 materials, a landscape of discovery is created for our audience that pushes the envelope on what materiality can contribute to the story of spatial experience design, and to our individual stories as designers.

7 (1).JPG
example of illustrator file that maps out the cut-outs for a set of cardboard walls.

Materials are chosen for their light weight, re-usability, and versatility. This is a crucial element of exposure for the 10 designers, as it illustrates the forward thinking and environmentally conscience approach that they all share.

Projection mapping was used to separate projects from one another on our individual platforms, as well as to set a mood/tone for each project and bring each story to life.

Several ideations of our projected platforms were done to create a dynamic and captivating time-based presentation of our projects.

Early Ideations

DSCF0016 (1).JPG
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