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A Makerspace in Mazatlan, Mexico

Dedicated to empowering Mexican women through engaging in activities of traditional and innovative craft.

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Uplifting the female voice

by creating opportunities for



and multi-generational STORYTELLING.

Design Story


Women around the world have long suffered


acts of violence,


and even femicide.

By leveraging the political power of object making and craft, Todita Madre reformats an activity that has historically been viewed as a domestic or lesser.

Women at Todita Madre gain the opportunity to redefine their societal roles while elevating Mexican craft.

Site Analysis

Map of Mexico

The flagship location is set in

Mazatlan, Mexico;


a coastal city that has a balance of international tourism and local culture, allowing for engagement between diverse communities.

Map of Centro Historico in Mazatlan

Audience + Programming


I was inspired by bird migration when considering different groups of people gathering in Mazatlán. I thought of local Mazatlecos as local coastal birds, and visitors as the many species that migrate through Mazatlán using 2 major bird migration pathways.


Bird murmations (image above) become stronger the more diverse in species they are. They gather every sunrise and sunset, with no one leader, to communicate about food and predators. The sounds they make during this time are as remarkable and unforgettable as the shapes they create in the sky.

Todita Madre affords  opportunities for

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PM_pictogram animations.jpg
PM_pictogram animations.jpg

through a multi-use space offering:

a workshop space specific to ceramics and textile craft

a cafe space

and a gallery space.


Technical Drawings

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level 2 fpAsset 2.png
level 3 fpAsset 3.png
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section bAsset 2.png

Physical Models

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