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Rooted Under the K

Co-Created by

Adelaida Cortez,

Grace Elwood, and

Ana-Paola Laveaga

Tonic Project Begnning

3-Day WantedDesign Student Workshop Winning Project

A story of nature reclaiming space, and the human experience of reconnecting mind, body, and our relationship to nature.

Design Topic:


Neo Nature

Rethinking our relationship with nature in the urban context

Design Challenge:

Utilizing a section of an existing public park (Under the K in Brooklyn, N.Y.), we were tasked to design an experience that re-imagines our human relationship with nature, while thoughtfully responding to the neighborhood. Our interdisciplinary team was comprised of an Industrial design student, Adelaida Cortez (Mexico), a furniture design student, Grace Elwood (Maryland), and a spatial design student, myself. We had 3 days to execute and present a design to a jury of industry professionals.

Our Design Solution:

concept sketch by Grace Ewlood

This became an opportunity to think of the park as having a ceiling, and to imagine how we might re-activate the space in-between floor and ceiling.

The "Flex 1" Zone of the Under the K park is unique in that it has a concrete street bridge directly above rather than open blue skies.


concept rendering by Ana-Paola Laveaga





Design Story - Inbetween Spaces

Rooted under the K was inspired by the feeling of floating and the feeling of being grounded.


This human experience took form when we considered what it would mean for nature to become the vehicle for those two feelings and how nature might reclaim the space below our feet and above our heads.


At Rooted Under the K, climbing vines and indegeous plants transform the concrete void that once existed, stretching to connect the spaces inbetween and offering a space to be reconnect.

rooted from below


rooted from above

hanging seating 1.jpg
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